Current Recipients

Recipients for the 2017-18 School Year Draw were:
Lisa Murphy (LGMS):
Janis Becker (ERS):
Melinda Garner (ERS):
Megan Beardwood (EXS):


Past Recipients

Winter 2017
Jemilla Khan

Stacy Ramdyal

Shaun Mcqueen

Colleen Lee: Understanding Histories, Cultures, and Worldviews of Alberta’sFNMI People & Wilderness First Responder

Fall 2016
Grace Gadon: Ukulele is Back with a Vengence
Brent Bittner

Winter 2015 
Delores Janzen

Laura McCully

Fall 2014 
Sonja Howatt
Robert Vanderlee

Summaries for their key learning from their PD sessions will be posted as a link next to recipients' names when ready so that all members may benefit.