PD Funding Policy

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ATA Local No 59

Policy for Allocating Professional Development Funds

Updated: September 2017


Your ATA local would like to make funds available for you to pursue professional learning. If you are interested in accessing these funds, please read the details below. Questions can be directed to your local Professional Development Chair, Catherine Dafoe at catherine.dafoe@crps.ca.


  • Candidates will be selected through a draw.

  • There will be one draw date per year. It will be announced through your crps email in September of each school year.

  • The number of draws and amount available per draw dates will depend on the money available that year. Our goal is to make PD money available to as many ATA members as feasibly possible. This year we will award 6 colleagues with $350 each.

  • Submission requirements: name, school, and brief phrase on how you intend to use the funds to avoid delays. Simply sharing the name and date of the workshop or conference you plan to attend, or the names of colleagues you would collaborate with to integrate or design new learning will suffice.

  • Acceptable PD: conferences, workshops, conventions, or sub coverage to integrate/design new learning alone or with colleagues. If you have another idea, please contact us.Please note that sub costs must be included in your total expenses.

  • After completion of PD, you are expected to share with the membership. Within 30 days you are to submit a summary of your key learnings, what inspired you, or networking established etc. in written form (keep it short!), legible diagram, or a maximum 1 minute video. This summary will be posted on our ATA website for all members to access.

  • If you win and realize you won't be able to use the funds after all, let us know ASAP so that another colleague can benefit. Funds cannot be deferred to the following year.

  • You will be reimbursed upon submission of all receipts to the ATA Treasurer, Shari Worobey.

    • Download and complete this form: link to form

    • Attach all receipts to completed form.

    • Deliver to Shari Worobey through interoffice mail.

    • Expense forms are due no later than the annual AGM in June.

    • Funds may not be deferred to the following year.