Canadian Rockies Local No 59

Local Council Meetings are held at 4:30pm on the second Monday of the month, rotating through the various schools. All members are invited to attend.


President: Monica Bulas

Vice-President: Alanna Bittner

Secretary: Sue Reid

Treasurer: Shari Worobey

TWC Chair: Alanna Bittner

Convention: Lisa Murphy and Cori Fraser

PD Chair: Alexa Haugen

DEHR Chair: vacant

CAFEC Chair: Alexa Haugen

LCO: Monica Bulas

LPEO: Alanna Bittner

OH&S Chair: Monica Bulas

Banff Community High School Rep: Sue Reid
Banff Elementary School Rep: Kristen Reed
Canmore Collegiate High School Rep: Christiana Warrick
Elizabeth Rummell School Rep:  Terri Williamson/ Melinda Garner
Exshaw School Rep: Gillian Booth
Lawrence Grassi Middle School Rep: Wendy Mulligan

Alpenglow: Erica Roth/Jacqueline Robertson

Substitute Teachers Rep: Maxine Achurch

District Representative for Calgary District: Karen Nakaska ( * 403-850-9161)

Local Teacher Welfare Committee: Alanna Bittner, Erin Emro, Jenny Feherty, Danelle Presesky, Gillian Booth

Regional Bargaining Agent: Michelle Glavine (